E-Missions Simulations and other Project Based Activities - Sue Duppstadt, Chestnut Ridge SD

Looking for some “canned” Project-Based Activities?

Would you like to look at some before purchasing them?

Join me for a session to learn more about some Project Based Activities I have used (purchased) and one or two I have developed myself. You will also learn about E-Missions Project-Based Simulations that will have your students using math and/or science skills using Video Conferencing Technology. We will be hooking up with E-Missions and taking a look at some of these exciting Problem-Based Simulations.

Most of my materials have been used in grades 3-8, science and math oriented, although some of the E-Mission simulations can be used at the High School level, again, using math and science.
In case you would like a preview of the E-Missions activities, the website is www.e-missions.net